W. Irving Glover
Third Assistant PMG: 1921-1925
Second Assistant PMG: 1925-1933

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Mrs. Anna Bell Glover was the acclaimed stamp collector in the Glover family. She had been collecting stamps since she was 14 years old. Anna’s collection was considered to be one of the best in the country owned by a woman. Once her husband became an assistant postmaster general, her collection would expand to include FDCs and FFCs which were received by Anna or her husband from several sources:

  • Glover’s office at the Post Office Department
  • Glover, when he was out of town on business
  • FDC servicers such as Worden, Roessler, Gorham, etc.
  • Postmasters and their First Flight Cover cities

A respectable showing of some of the above covers will be displayed and discussed in this presentation. In addition, there are Glover signed covers that reflect other aspects of his job. Also included are correspondence and photographs related to some of the covers. The covers date from 1922 to 1933. It is a period rich in classic FDCs and vintage CAM (Contract Air Mail) and FAM (Foreign Air Mail) flight covers. The Glover collection was sold in 1957 by relatives. There are several pages in this exhibit (go below to get started).

Mrs. Anna Bell Glover (1929)
First woman member: Collectors Club of NY

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Jerry A. Katz
April 29, 2009